Engr. Tunde Faluyi God: Entertainment Man of The Year

Engr. Tunde Faluyi God is an Engineer by profession and also an entertainer and a philanthropist to the fullest. He is a man with great love for the Entertainment industry in Nigeria and Africa.

He’s the Chairman of the Nigerian Queen the biggest Beauty Pageant in the South South Nigeria and has supported many Entertainers in Nigeria and Africa.

Last year (2019) at the prestigious Brave African Entertainers (BAE Awards) Award Event, he was awarded the ENTERTAINMENT MAN OF THE AWARD which is the biggest award at the ceremony night.

Engr. Tunde Faluyi God with this, became the first person to receive the award of the ENTERTAINMENT MAN OF THE YEAR in the history of BAE Awards.

The Entire BAE Awards Team Congratulates you Sir.

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