BAE Awards calls for nomination from the general public in the following categories: CLICK HERE to view categories. Nomination duration: March 16th – April 27th, 2019 [contact-form-7 id=”175″ title=”Nomination Form”] NOMINATION SCREENING PROCESS All public nominations will be reviewed by the Award Screening Committee to ensure they meet eligibility criteria. The Award Screening Committee will[…]

BAE AWARDS 2018: List of Nominees

“BEST AFRO SINGLE” *      VIRGINBERRY                            =        SPECIAL MONEY *      MADIROX BRYAN                     =        OMO SEXY *      CIMBOL                                     =        SUGAR *      HANUJAY                                  =        NO SMOKING ZONE *      RUPEE G                                   =        LEAVE STORY *      YKAY                                          =        OLOLUFE *      BEN SONGZ                              =        DIRTY WINE “BEST AFRO POP SINGLE” *      DLARGE                                    =        OBUCHUKWU[…]